Bourbouze & Graindorge was founded in Paris in 2005 by Gricha Bourbouze and Cécile Graindorge. It has been based in Nantes since 2010 and currently has around ten staff members.

The practice gained early recognition with the completion of several collective housing developments, notably in Paris, Aubervilliers and Montoir-de-Bretagne, all distinguished by their structural design, their typological organisation, and a strong sense of materiality.

More recently, developments in Paris - Saclay (a student residence, university canteens, kitchens, shared facilities) and in Rennes - La Courrouze (a social and educational center), involving more specifically urban challenges, gave us the opportunity to expand our field of activity and develop our expertise in the design and development of complex projects, both in terms of their overall programme and their operational context.

Among the projects currently in the study phase or under construction, developments at Porte de Vincennes in Paris (a gym and a student residence) and St-Nazaire (an event hall within the former submarine base) further illustrate our endless appetite for atypical urban locations and unusual projects.


2005 : L’Envers des Villes grant / AFAA - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nominated for the award “Prix de la première œuvre”
2006 : Winner of the award “Nouveaux albums des jeunes architectes 2005-2006”
2012 : Nominated for the award “l’Equerre d’argent” (best building of the year)
2016 : Nominated for the award “l’Equerre d’argent” (best building of the year)
Exhibited at the Venice Biennale of Architecture
2017 : Nominated for the award “l’Equerre d’argent” (best building of the year)
2019 : AMO Award
Exhibited at the Lisbon Triennal of Architecture
D’A award