Twin houses

Twin houses

KM (2282 )
PROGRAMMEHabitat collectif

Probably the most stylish example referenced in this corpus (a neighbour, however, to Luigi Moretti’s probably contemporary house, La Saracena), these two elegant twin houses are certainly the work of a well-known architect, but one who could not be identified in the course of this study (help appreciated !). These two plots contain a total of six dwellings, each with a wide terrace overhanging the beach below, and a shared terrace for the dwellings on the upper floors. Vehicle parking is provided under the buildings, as is the main entrance. The external openness of the dwellings is weighted according to orientation : complete on the main facades, occasional on the lateral facades, and filtered by a facade/screen of glazed earthenware tiles on the road side. The intermediate scale of this residence preserves the local spirit of the holiday resort while also offering a form of collective organisation which is attractive, refined and generous.

Twin houses - 1
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