Tightrope-walker restaurant

Tightrope-walker restaurant

KM (211 )
THEMESInfrarchitectural / Acrobstiné

Overhanging a group of recently divided lots and the bay of Almuñécar, this building is accessed from the road via a backfilled embankment which forms a kind of natural extension of the latter. The commercial floor, supported by thin piles, has adopted a series of annexes in response to various needs : a structure made from wood and palm leaves provides a little shade for the car park, a lower floor has been fitted into the structure, housing a residence, and various technical facilities and signs are installed on the roof. The original archetype remains legible, adaptation to the site being performed in an additive manner (backfills, piles, accessorisation), reminiscent of California’s dingbats, those economical homes adapted to uneven sites by means of boundary-pushing configurations. Everything here is done on the cheap, since the breath-taking view is the only available luxury.

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Tightrope-walker restaurant - 2