Homes with a view

Homes with a view

KM ( 6295 )
PROGRAMMEHabitat collectif
THEMESStylé / Déformadapté

This residential complex, built at the entrance to the little town of Aliantos, sits on a strip of land overlooking the coast road, accessible from the rear by a feeder road. The significant height difference and misalignment between these two roads has led to a series of deformations and adaptations which can be seen on the building (obtuse angles, enormous piles, protrusions). The beauty of this building lies in its expression of both the nature of an archetypical matrix (here, a laminate of posts / thick slabs) and the adjustments of this geometric matrix to a given site. The legibility of the structural system, the very wide terraces, together with the variety of views offered across the bay landscape, therefore help make this a building of great coherence and great flexibility, qualities which can sometimes be antagonistic.

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